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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Industrial Exhaust Systems Systems, Exhaust System for Industrial, Industrial Ventilation Systems, Industrial Ventilator Systems, Industrial Exhaust Systems Ventilation Systems, Industrial Exhaust Systems Ventilation Systems, Commercial Exhaust Systems. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve customers from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, South India.
Industrial areas consist of potentially toxic airborne substances or flammable vapours. Such air affects the worker's health and damages the equipments. The dust collected can cause fire hazards and costly repairs. A precisely designed and highly functional exhaust system is necessary for the healthy working environment in any industry.

At Kaizen, we design customized, optimized and affordable exhausts system. Kaizen manufactures Industrial Exhaust Systems to meet the standard requirements of safety and hygiene of different industries.

We produce the exhaust that can eliminate the problems of higher temperature, increased humidity, and hazardous chemical fumes. We promise to render the clean, hygienic and safe working environment with air filtration, oxygen replenishment, volume control, temperature, and humidity control.

Components of Industrial Exhaust Systems system

Fan and Blower Unit:

It is the primary and essential component of the exhaust system. It blows, circulates and ventilates unhealthy air. Fan and blower suck the inside air and throws it outside. The unit is efficient in providing general ventilation in heavy-duty commercial and various industrial applications.


Technical Specification

Variables ;


Power ;


Wheel ;diameter ;

343 ;mm

Supply ;


CFM ;@2” WG ;




Filter ;

99.99% efficient ;@ 0.3 ;micron




Industrial ducting supplies or exhausts the normal or polluted air. Ducting system controls the entry of exposures and potentially dangerous fumes and gaseous materials. Kaizen has developed Ducting system to provide adequate ventilation in the industry.



A damper is a valve regulates air flow inside air handling equipment or duct. They are of two types as volume control damper and fire damper. Kaizen's damper assures good operating functionality and regulation in the airflow system. Appropriate damper helps in maximizing energy efficiency and minimize installation costs. Damper size varies with the design of the air flow system. Damper controls the volume of air and in case of fire hazard dampers close completely shutting the oxygen supply for fire prevention.


  •   Controlled backdraft with Butterfly damper
  •   Available with MS and GI powder coat
  •   Pressure relief with a bypass damper
  •   Smoke control with smoke damper
  •   Available with manual resetting system

Technical Specification

Temperature ;rating

-32° to ;83°C


5.5 ;cfm/ft2

Maximum ;pressure



305x508 ;mm


Galvanised ;steel






Stainless ;steel

Blade ;seal


HEPA Filters:

High-Efficiency Particular Air (HEPA) filter is a mechanical type of air filter. It works by forcing air through the mesh or duct which traps harmful particles. It is a high-efficiency filter. It contains naturally pleated filter medium, separator passage, a rigid filter case, sealant for bonding, and gasket attached for filter case.


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